Where’s the Rub?

New Age Spa or Dr. Frankenstein’s Laboratory?
In WHERE’S THE RUB? Choreographer Mei-Yin Ng and Media Artist Eric Koziol dissect and incongruously reconfigure a traditional Chinese Qi-Gong Massage Parlor and it’s denizens. Concept of beauty, health and healing touch are distorted through body image, fractured sound, and real-time bio-mechanical vision.


Conceived and Realized by: Mei Yin Ng and Eric Koziol
Guest Artists: Hillary Raphael
Choreography: Mei-Yin Ng in collaboration with Samantha Chan, Antonio Ramos, Alberto Denise & the dancers
Dancers: Leonides Arpon, Damon Honeycutt, Pedro Jimenez, Mei-Yin Ng, Rebecca Serrell, Lise Serrell
Cinematography, Animation and Editing: Eric Koziol
Music Compose and Performed: Mike Berk
Additional Sound Design: Eric Koziol
Additional Music: Takako Minekawa, P16.D4, Andrew Lewis,Senior Coconut, Group 94, Astor Piszolla, Nothing Recording.
Set Design by: Mary Brogger and Eric Koziol
Lighting design: Joe Levasseur


Premiere: Oct 2004
Cast/Crew: 6 dancers, 1 video artist, 1 composer/DJ, 1 technician
Length: 40min


2004 Performing Space122, NYC, USA


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