Wear + Tear (excerpts) performed at Enzimi Festival, Rome, Italy

Site-specific dance (excerpts) performed by MEI-BE WHATever at the Enzimi Festival, Rome, Italy.

Wear + Tear investigates the body as machine. The sound of each joint and flex point is emphasized. Repetitive motion is built up and broken down. This piece was modified from the original multimedia performance to serve as the opening scene for the Enzimi Festival at Ostia Beach (A favorite location of Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini).


Conceived and Realized: Mei Yin Ng and Eric Koziol
Choreographer & dancer: Mei-Yin Ng
Sound Design: Eric Koziol
Addition music excerpt from: Los Sampler “Mambo Brillante”, P16.D4 “Distruct”, Robert Keefe “On the Death of Johannes Kepler”


Premiere: Aug 2005
Cast/Crew: 1 dancers
Length: 18 min