The Bow Project (Pointe to Point Follow Up Project)

The Bow project is a cross-cultural collaboration between five artists from Asia and Europe. The artists work in Dance, Film and Music and have met in Beijing during the cultural exchange project Pointe to Point, the 5th Asia Europe Dance Forum of the Asia Europe Foundation (2007). Learn more

The Bow project was born out of these artists meeting in China and is about exchanging and renewing ideas about movement, from within and across cultures.

At the cross over of creative disciplines, The BOW Project artists from Faroe Islands, United Kingdom, Malaysia/USA, Belgium and China are motivated by notions of bowing; metaphorically, culturally and physically. From this integration of ideas and approaches, they have created Bow; an inter-textural and multi-lingual dance performance with live music from the music group Wang Wei Quartet (Belgium)

Bow project has take place in Bangkok, Belgium, Malaysia and result in multiply live performance events, residencies, workshops, lecture demonstrations and a award winning short dance film present in dance film festivals around the world.

This project is supported by the Asia Europe Foundation as a follow up project of the 5th Asia Europe Dance Forum. Shortfilm ” BOW” won Jury Prize for Best Dance Film at the Dance for the Camera Festival 2010, NYC.




Arrival in Bangkok
Bow collage
Bow trailer


Choreographer/Dancer: Mei-Yin Ng (Malaysia/USA), Cathy Seago (UK), Jing-Xin Shi (China)
Video artist: Rannva Karadottir (Faroe Islands, Denmark)
Composer: Emmanuel Baily (Belgium)
Musician: Wang Wei quartet – Xavier Rogé* (drums), Laurent Meunier (saxophones), Marine Horbaczewski (cello) and Emmanuel Baily (guitar and composition)


BOW 1 at Patravadi Theater, Bangkok, Thailand

Premiere: January 16, 2010
Cast/Crew: 3 dancers, 4 musician, 1 video artist.
Length: 25 min (Live performance) 4 min (Dance film)

BOW 2 at Bangkok Fringe Festival, Bangkok, Thailand

Premiere: March 12, 2011
Cast/Crew: 2 dancers, 4 musician, 2 guest musician.
Length: 60 min (Live performance, Site-specific, Dance films)

BOW 3 at Damansara Performing Arts Center, Malaysia

Premiere: March 12, 2011
Cast/Crew: 2 Lead artists, 3 local choreographers, 8 dancers, 12 musicians.


“Like a Rorschach test transforming before your eyes, this film creates idiosyncratic forms by combining the moving body with simple cinematic techniques. BOW questions perception and invites viewers to create their own narrative.”
Dance on Camera Jury Committee
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“It gives me a very creepy, haunting feeling. It makes me feel as if I saw some ghosts dancing on the screen.”
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Culture 360, Valnetina Riccardi
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