Lost Property Unit

In Lost Property Unit, dance explorer Mei-Yin Ng opens an investigation into the bodily and soul-driven limits of surveillance, networking, and media. Dance, robotic sculpture, and a time bending blend of live and recorded video craft a chilling narrative of a beautiful recluse and the cyborg pet who is anything but her best friend. With media design by Sofy Yuditskaya and Eric Barry Darsin and sound design by James Lo, Lost Property Unit lures us into a head space where solitude is never total and togetherness is always just out of reach



Conceive and perform by: Mei-Yin Ng
Choreography by: Mei-Yin Ng in collaboration with Kelly Buwalda, Antonio Ramos and Cassandra Taylor
On screen performer: Mei-Yin Ng, Kelly Buwalda, Antonio Ramos, Cassandra Taylor.
Media design by: Sofy Yuditskaya, Eric Barry Darsin
Addition video/media design by: Nicolas Jenkins, Lauren Petty and Shawn Iron.
Robotic design and Programming by: Sofy Yuditskaya, Eric Mika
Sound design by: James Lo
Costume consultant/design by: Julija Frodina and Mika Inatome
Headpiece design by: Ashra Bankauskaite and Mante Maskoliunaite “aka jewellery”
Lighting design by: Ayumu “Poe” Saegusa

This work was created during a 2013-14 Artist Residency at HERE and LMCC Process Space, artist residency made possible by Lower Manhattan cultural council.


Premiere: Feb 2013
Cast/Crew: 1 dancer, 2 media artists, 1 sound artist.
Length: 45 min



2013 HERE Culturemart, NYC, USA (Work in Progress)
2013 Progress space open studio at Governors Island, NYC USA ( Work in Progress)
2014 HERE Culturemart, NYC, USA



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