Double Vision

Double Vision is a dance and video performance that explores the desire to see/show the private and normally hidden. The unique combination of dance and spy cameras transform the passive viewer into an active voyeur. With both live and recorded events, the performance unfolds as an intimate and unpredictable optical pursuit.

The work focuses conceptually on issues of voyeurism, exhibitionism, visual authority and private/public space. The existence of surveillance technology may be perceived as intrusive and threatening. We explore this inherent aspect but also interject a more playful and intimate use of the technology.


Conception-Realization: Mei-Yin Ng & Eric Koziol
Guest artist: David Thomson
Choreography : Mei-Yin Ng in collaboration with Ge Bai, Samantha Chan, Eric Koziol & David Thomson.
Video Design and Integration: Eric Koziol
Feminine Camera Technology Design/Performing Artist: Laura Blereau
Sound Design/Music: DJ Usul
Addition music: DJ Spooky, Takako Minekawa, Atropa, Moe!, Toru Takemitsu, Alec Empire
Dancers: Ge Bai, Samantha Chan & Mei-Yin Ng


Premiere: January 03
Cast/Crew: 3 dancers, 1 video artist, 1 technician
Length: 27 min (Short version), 50 min (Long version)


2003 Almada Dance Festival, Portugal
2003 The Constrcution Company, NYC USA
2004 Fabbrica Europa, Florence, Italy
2004 Monaco Dance Forum, Monaco
2006 La Mama Moves Festival, NYC USA


“a straightforward charm which captured more then a few hearts.”
DANCE EUROPE, Bruce Michelson
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“The performance showed how much Ng endeavored to elaborate her investigation of wearable cameras…”
[PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art]
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