Cinderella Toe Jam

. . . the popular fairy tale of ‘Cinderella’ . . . the historical practice of binding women’s feet in ancient China . . . the transformations of lives, feet, movement.
Cinderella Toe Jam explores restriction through the body, resulting in movement that reveals a bizarre and unexpected beauty.


Choreographer: Mei-Yin Ng
Costume by: Mei-Yin Ng
Music: “Scott Williams” by Savaged young Beatles, “Love Enchanted” by Daniel Johnston


Premiere: Oct 2005
Cast/Crew: 1 dancer
Length: 10 min


2005 Dance Conversation at The Flea, NYC, USA
2007 Dance New Amsterdam, NYC, USA
2010 Bangkok Fringe festival, Thailand
2014 Festival Corpi Urbani at Frugone Museum, Genoa, Italy