Cinderella Toe Jam (excerpts) inside a hotel room in New York City

Site-specific dance (excerpts) performed by MEI-BE WHATever inside a hotel room in New York City.

Cinderella Toe Jam explores restriction through the body, resulting in movement that reveals an unusual and unexpected beauty. This showing subverted the traditional dance concert environment at the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Conference by turning the hotel room into an intimate performance space. Presenters had to follow a set of instructions to find the room, emphasizing the feel of an illicit underground production


Choreography by: Mei-Yin Ng
Perform by: Mei-Yin Ng, Kelly Buwalda
Costume by: Mei-Yin Ng
Music: “Scott Williams” by Savaged young Beatles, “Love Enchanted” by Daniel Johnston


Premiere: Jan 2008
Cast/Crew: 1 dancer
Length: 8 min