Cinderella Toe Jam II: Royal Pink (excerpts). Opera Estate Festival Veneto at Treviso, Italy

Site-specific dance (excerpts) performed by MEI-BE WHATever at the Opera Estate Festival Veneto at Treviso, Italy.

Royal Pink stylizes the extreme concepts of corporeal perfection that dancers contend with, questioning the motivation and vulnerable psychology of the female performing body. This piece was modified from the original multimedia piece to be performed at Fish market Island (Isola della Pescheria) in Treviso, Italy. The challenge for this project was to make a piece that would have audience on opposing sides of the island. The two groups of viewers would have an intentionally different perspective on the dance


Conceive by: Mei-Yin Ng,
Perform by: Kelly Buwalda, Erica Rebollar, Mei-Yin Ng
Sound artist/ Composer: Matt Rocker


Premiere: July 2007
Cast/Crew: 3 dancers
Length: 20 min