Cinderella Toe Jam II: Royal Pink

Royal Pink opens the peephole to the inner chamber of the female mind, where manifestations of a fetish for the ideal body image dwell. Bodies, sound, and video form an arena of corporal transformation. A projected desire to see and be seen wraps and unwraps the dancing form in clear plastic cling. MEI-BE WHATever’s all girl soldier beauty corp investigates these collective fantasies: the fantasy of a society committed to the surface and loyal to the dream of perfection


Conceived & Realized: Mei-Yin Ng and Matt Rocker
Choreographer: Mei-Yin Ng in collaboration with Lara Benusis, Kelly Buwalda, Erica Rebollar, Kathleen Kelly, Cassandra Taylor.
Dancer: Kelly Buwalda, Kathleen Kelly, Mei-Yin Ng (Lara Benusis, Erica Rebollar, Cassandra Taylor)
Sound artist/ Composer: Matt Rocker
Musician: Sara Shaoul (Singer/ percussion), Leyla McCalla (Cello), Dan O’Sullivan (Guitar, synthesizer)
Video Conceived by: Mei-Yin Ng in collaboration with Kleoni Manoussakis, Nika Offenbac and Sarah Stuve
Video Design and Integration: Kleoni Manoussakis (workshop video), Nika Offenbac and Sarah Stuve
Costume designer: Mika Inatome
Lighting designer: Derek Wright

This work was developed during the 2006-2007 Artist- in –Residency Program at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, NYC, with a commissioned from the American Music Center Live Music for Dance Program


Premiere: April 2-5, 2009
Cast/Crew: 3 dancers, 1 sound artist, 1 video artist.
Length: 20 min (Short version), 50 min (Full version)


2007 The A.W.A.R.D. show, NYC, USA
2007 Urban Citizen at Dance New Amsterdam, NYC, USA
2007 Work & Show Festival, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, NYC USA2009
2007 Festival Ammutinamenti Ravenna, Italy
2007 Bologna Danza Urbana Festival, San Lazzaro, Italy
2007 Civitanova Marche Intl. Dance Festival, Italy
2007 Teatro Fondamnata Nuove of Venice, Italy
2007 Opera Estate Festival Veneto, Provincia di Treviso, Italy
2008 The Construction Company, NYC, USA
2009 Performing Space 122, NYC, USA
2010 FERUS Festival (Galapagos Art Space), Brooklyn, NY
2010 LEAP 10 Festival, Liverpool, UK


“utterly amazing…wildly inventive modern dance”, Miss Wendy
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“Performing in soft movement and alternating like mechanical toys”
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“ it is weirdly sexy stuff”
FLAVORPILL, Anna Balkrishna
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DOWNTOWN EXPRESS – Cinderella Toe Jan: Royal Pink]
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