About a glance

La Poupee by Peter Simon, in the Frugone’s collection, is the starting point for an investigation about inner and external eye, portrait and self portrait.
Utilizing the outdoor park, bi-level balcony and indoor room of the museum, we create a parallel fantasy worlds of two women and their spectators.


Conceive by: Mei-Yin Ng, Aline Nari and Davide Frangioni
Choreography and perform by: Mei-Yin Ng, Aline Nari
External eye: Davide Frangioni
Production: in collaboration with Festival Corpi Urbani/Urban Bodies, UBIdanza and MEI-BE WHATever

This work was made possible through the Bogliasco Foundation.


Premiere: Sept 14, 2014
Cast/Crew: 2 dancers
Length:  25 min



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