MEI-BE WHATever has performed domestically and internationally at festivals, museums and theatres. Below is a list of the year and venues where it was presented.

2014 Bogliasco residency, Italy
Festival Corpi Urbani at Frugone Museum, Genoa, Italy
7th Butoh Festival, Damansara Performing Arts Center, Malaysia
HERE Culturemart, NYC, USA
2013 Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, USA
HERE Culturemart, NYC, USA
Damansara Performing Arts Center, Malaysia
TARI Festival, KL, Malaysia
2012 HERE Culturemart, NYC, USA
2011 Bangkok Fringe festival, Thailand
Liege residency, Belgium
Summer studio’s of Rosas and P.A.R.T.S, Belgium
2010 Patravadi theater, Bangkok, Thailand
LEAP 10 Festival, Liverpool, UK
Sala Ambigu, Valladolid, Spain
FERUS Festival (Galapagos Art Space), Brooklyn, NY
2009 Performance Space 122, NYC, USA
Dance New Amsterdam, NYC, USA
2008 Studio 303. Montreal Canada
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
The Construction Company, NYC, USA
2007 Opera Estate Festival Veneto, Provincia di Treviso, Italy
Teatro Fondamnata Nuove of Venice, Italy
Civitanova Marche Intl. Dance Festival, Italy
Festival Ammutinamenti Ravenna, Italy
Dance New Amsterdam, NYC, USA
The A.W.A.R.D show, NYC USA
2006 Tribeca Performing Arts Center (Artist in Residence) NYC, USA
Festival de la Cite, Lusanne, Switzerland
La Mama Moves Festival, NYC, USA
Dance Camera West Festival at Hammer Museum, LA
2005 Enzimi Festival, Italy
Bassano State Opera Festival, Italy
IFFC @ Mercat De Les Flors, Barcelona, Spain
Boston Cyberarts Festival, USA
LEAP Festival, Liverpool, UK
2004 SESC Pompeia, IFFC, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Monaco Dance Forum, Monaco
Fabbrica Europa, Florence, Italy
Movement Research at the Judson Church, NYC
2003 The Construction Company, NYC, USA
Almada Dance Festival, Portugal